About Voula Manousos

Registered Dietitian, Busy Mom and a Certified foodie

Hi, I’m Voula!

Registered dietitian, mother of two and a bona fide foodie!

I absolutely love teaching people that creating and eating delicious, sustaining food all while managing their weight, doesn’t have to be hard!

I have spent my 20+ year career watching people struggle with their food and with their weight. It has pained me to see so many dissatisfied, frustrated and hungry women battling with this problem daily. Needing and searching for advice on the “next best diet” or how to lose that stubborn weight that never seems to go away. Atkins, Paleo, Whole Thirty, low fat, low carb, you name it, people seeking the next quick fix.

The secret is, there is no quick fix. Food itself is rarely the issue or the problem, it’s the way we approach food and our whole self that may be tripping us up.

My approach is to meet every single person where they are in their journey with compassion and patience. I believe in offering people a sustainable way of eating and nourishing themselves so they can manage their weight without restrictive diets. Together we will shed the “diet mentality” through a mindful, holistic 5 step approach.

One of my passions lies in teaching people how to create beautiful, healthy meals without the hassle. I use that skill to teach people the joys of not only cooking and eating great food, but mastering a sustainable way of organizing and maintaining a system of eating peacefully that will last a lifetime!

My other professional passion lies in helping women reach their highest health and fulfillment in their pregnancy and beyond. Pregnancy brings so many joys but also unknowns to a woman’s ever-changing body. I thoroughly enjoy guiding and crafting a plan for pregnant and postpartum women that is just right for them. What can be more joyous than bringing a new life into this world!

When I am not working with my wonderful clients, I absolutely love staying active and enjoy taking long walks with my kids, reading and spending time in the kitchen creating cool and creative dishes my family and friends love to eat. I also have a passion for basketball, and I am a HUGE Celtics fan! I love chatting about stats, trades and predictions with anyone who will entertain me! I also enjoy tending to my vegetable garden in Winchester, MA, a suburb outside of Boston, where I live with my daughter Zoe and son Alex. 

Education and certifications

Why should you choose me as your registered dietitian nutritionist?

I have the tools to help you save time, boost energy and manage your weight while alleviating the obsession and stress that revolve around “diets” that just don’t work!

We will take a deep dive into all aspects of your life–not just your diet. We will diagnose the areas that are creating roadblocks to long lasting change.

Client Praise

“I have lost 8.4 lbs since I started watching Voula’s Facebook Lives. With her helpful cooking tips and tricks, I was able to eat healthier, more satisfying meals which kept me full and happy. I no longer feel I need to snack on high sugar snacks! Thank you Voula, you have made such a huge difference in the way I eat and feel just by watching your Facebook Lives!”

–Nancy Huber Coutoumas

“I have lost 17 lbs since I started working with Voula. I have noticed I have a better attitude about my health journey going forward and feel like I have made progress developing daily habits that help nourish my body with good food and movements that are sustainable. I am no longer obsessed with dieting, and routinely check in with myself when making food choices. Voula is so easy to talk to and has no judgement”

–Kristen Cushing