Pregnancy and Postpartum Nutrition Services

nourish yourself through the different stages of pregnancy on your journey to Motherhood

Nutrition Design’s Healthy Pregnancy Blueprint

No one said creating a human being was easy. Allow gentle nutrition practices to elevate your experience and bring you to your highest health.

You are bringing a new person into this world. What you eat is important. What you put in your body can transform your experience.

Unsure about how to nourish yourself and manage symptoms through the different stages of pregnancy on your journey to Motherhood? Let’s take the overwhelm out of eating with my 5 step mindfulness approach to pregnancy and beyond.

Stop worrying about your pregnancy symptoms and postpartum weight gain!

With a registered dietitian nutritionist as a partner, you can stop worrying about things like:

  • Weight gain during pregnancy and overwhelm with the changes to your body
  • Nagging pregnancy symptoms that constantly evolve and affect what and how you eat
  • Not knowing which foods you should or shouldn’t eat during pregnancy
  • Gestational diabetes, Anemia or Pregnancy Induced Hypertension diagnosis plaguing you and how to manage these with diet
  • Your twin pregnancy
  • Your postpartum diet while breastfeeding
  • Losing the weight after your delivery

My 5 step approach to personalized pregnancy nutrition support

Pregnancy and the changes to your body can be at times difficult and overwhelming. Terribly sick one day, ravenous the next! Being able to navigate all the hormonal shifts and changes can put a lot of stress on your daily routine and how you approach food.

You are not alone. Pregnancy can be rocky at times leaving you tired, spent and with little energy to think about feeding yourself and the baby with the best nutrition possible.

Here is how we can partner to make your pregnancy and postpartum experience the most delicious and enjoyable experience!

Mindful eating practices

Personalized balanced meal planning and supplements during pregnancy

Managing symptoms and high risk diagnoses

Managing stress and sleep


Private 1:1 Pregnancy Coaching Program

3-Month Program to Help You ease your pregnancy fears

Here is what you get:
Click on each plus sign (+) to learn more.

A Special 90 Minute Intensive Kick-Start Session

This session is designed to help you hit the ground running. Depending on the trimester that we begin our work together, we will tackle symptoms with a natural holistic approach. We’ll do an in-depth Health and Lifestyle assessment to get you started on prioritizing and mapping out your pregnancy goals. You’ll end up feeling confident to start working on your most pressing issues in order to move forward feeling energized and in control of your eating and meal planning.

Five 45 minute nutrition counseling sessions

As your nutrition coach, we form a partnership. I treat your health and nutrition goals as if they are my own. These sessions are designed to help you stay motivated and accountable to be in a position to achieve your goals. I will guide you in taking empowered steps toward nourishing your body for pregnancy, energy and enjoyment. I will be there for you every step of the way if you encounter any “bumps” in the road and need support with a higher risk pregnancy.

Personalized Nutrition Meal Plans, Recipes and Shopping Lists

Throughout our time together, you’ll receive thoughtfully tailored personalized meal plans and suggestions crafted for you and your growing baby. These meal plans are devised to save you time in the kitchen while nourishing your body so you can maintain energy levels throughout the day. We will craft a game plan to help make weekly food shopping and meal preparation a breeze!

Email Access

As your partner, I am here for you. Think of having me in your back pocket. You can reach out with questions, clarifications or for feedback, plus celebrate new successes in between follow up counseling sessions.

Your Weekly Accountability Journal

Your Accountability Journal is a powerful tool where you will tangibly track and review your progress and “wins” from the past week, explore any obstacles or challenges that surfaced, and set your next bold goals both in terms of action and your internal mindset for the next 7 days. Just one of the many ways we will turn intention into action!


Your program will include templates, handouts and access to traditional and photo journaling as needed to keep you on track and enhance our work together.

PLUS Bonus Virtual or In-Person* Food Demo or Supermarket Tour

Your choice between a food demo or supermarket tour.

The virtual beginner food demo will equip you with the necessary basics for starting any meal quickly and easily. You will learn how to prepare meals using simple culinary tips and techniques, allowing you to feel empowered and capable of making quick, sustaining, and delicious meals for you and your family. *In-person food demo may require additional fees.

The 1.5 hour personalized supermarket tour is designed to help you with weekly planning. We will go over how to easily navigate the aisles and how to quickly select the foods you need using shopping lists. Additionally, you will learn about new products and label reading, so you can make the best decisions possible and make sure you are getting the right nutrients and supplements as a pregnant woman or woman in postpartum recovery.

Take the guesswork out of “eating for two”.

Have questions? Reach out and let’s chat about how I can help you navigate your weight, reach your highest health and ensure smooth sailing throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Let’s work together to remove the anxiety around eating as your body changes.

What can you expect to achieve from working with me?


Eat delicious and sustaining foods that are curated for your personal pregnancy / postpartum experience.


Learn to manage pregnancy symptoms naturally so you can feel more energy and in control of your eating.


Love the food you eat without worrying about counting calories and constantly thinking about weight gain.


Reduce the stress of a high risk diagnosis like Gestational Diabetes. Learn to manage your blood sugars and eat comfortably and peacefully.


Rediscover your ability to trust your hunger and satiety signals to guide how much, when and what to eat.


Make peace with your changing body and learn to nurture yourself to decrease the stress and anxiety you might feel.

Client Praise

“Having gestational diabetes so early in my pregnancy was scary. As I began working with Voula, I noticed that I was better able to manage my blood sugars and weight during the pregnancy. I now have more energy, and the better choices I am making with meals doesn’t stop me from living life the way I did before. It has actually made me realize I should have done this a long time ago! Voula’s program is not about what you can’t do, but rather how to manage your eating and your whole health based on what you are already doing. I now not only feel confident that I am producing a healthy baby, but I’m creating healthy habits for my family and I for life!”

–Victoria Moscatel

This is a special time in your life. Your nutrition is essential.

Make sure you have the tools to manage the changing stages of this wonderful pregnancy journey with peace and good health. You deserve nothing less.