Weight Management Nutrition Services

Stop Dieting and Start enjoying food

Have Diets Failed to Produce the Results You Desire?

Stop the frustration and start eating peacefully with my 5 step mindfulness approach.

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve tried every diet in the books. You’ve fasted, skipped meals, followed a prescriptive calorie restrictive diet. You’ve omitted and you’ve removed. You’ve feverishly exercised, joined a gym, a program, hired a personal coach.

Despite your best efforts, nothing seems to change. You’re still stuck. You’re exhausted, can’t seem to manage your weight and your clothes are still tight and uncomfortable. It feels impossible to live peacefully with food let alone enjoying the process of creating and delighting in the joys of food.

You don’t know what to eat, when to eat or how to eat so you give up – at least until the next diet. And the cycle starts all over again.

It’s easy to feel like a failure especially when you are back to no plan, no hope, no peace.

You are not alone. Diets rarely work. They leave you frustrated and deprived while creating an unhealthy relationship with the food you eat.

You don’t have to continue to suffer.

There’s a solution and I can help.

Imagine being able to trust yourself around food – even those “forbidden foods”. Being able to eat when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re satisfied, while savoring every bite with zero guilt! Being able to successfully manage your weight without depriving yourself – eating delicious foods that nourish and keep you energized throughout the entire day – so you can live the full and vibrant life that you deserve.

You can have all of this and more. Enjoy more time in your day with meal planning. Experience less stress around food by improving your relationship with your diet and your body. Lose weight you don’t want and maintain the healthy body you have! Feel younger and more vibrant.

You can balance your busy work schedule, family obligations and relationships while still having the time to focus on YOU.

The 5 pillars to my Weight Management Nutrition program

My 5 step non-diet approach includes mindful eating practices which will put you in tune with your body and what it needs. You will rejoice in eating again knowing what to eat without resorting to plain and bland “diet foods”. You will learn to manage your stress, sleep and movement which will help you manage your weight and feel energized throughout your day!

Mindfulness work around food

Learning the right food combinations to promote satiety and boost energy

Working on stress reduction

Working on better sleep


Private 1:1 Coaching Program

3-Month Program to Help You Gain Back Control in Your Life

Here is what you get:
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A Special 90 Minute Intensive Kick-Start Session

This session is designed to help you hit the ground running. We’ll do an in-depth Health and Lifestyle assessment and debrief to uncover major roadblocks in achieving your goals. We will set priorities and map out your health goals. You’ll end up feeling confident to start working on your most pressing issues in order to move forward feeling energized and in control of your eating!

Five 45 minute nutrition counseling sessions

As your nutrition coach, we form a partnership. I treat your health and nutrition goals as if they are my own. These sessions are designed to help you stay motivated and accountable to be in a position to achieve your goals. I will guide you in taking empowered steps toward eating for hunger, energy and enjoyment. You will learn how to shed the “diet mentality” and learn to eat peacefully and in harmony with your body’s needs.

Personalized Nutrition Meal Plans, Recipes and Shopping Lists

Throughout our time together, you’ll receive thoughtfully tailored personalized meal plans and suggestions crafted to save you time and frustration in the kitchen while nourishing your body so you can maintain energy levels throughout the day. You’re going to love how you look and feel! We will craft a game plan to help make weekly food shopping and meal preparation a breeze!

Email Access

As your partner, I am here for you. Think of having me in your back pocket. You can reach out with questions, clarifications or for feedback, plus celebrate new successes in between follow up counseling sessions.

Your Weekly Accountability Journal

Your Accountability Journal is a powerful tool where you will tangibly track and review your progress and “wins” from the past week, explore any obstacles or challenges that surfaced and set your next bold goals both in terms of action and your internal mindset for the next 7 days. Just one of the many ways we will turn intention into action!


Your program will include templates, handouts and access to traditional and photo journaling as needed to keep you on track and enhance our work together.

PLUS Bonus Virtual or In-Person* Food Demo or Supermarket Tour

Your choice between a food demo or supermarket tour.

The beginner food demo will equip you with the necessary basics for starting any meal quickly and easily. You will learn how to prepare meals using simple culinary tips and techniques, allowing you to feel empowered and capable of making quick, sustaining and delicious meals for you and your family. *In-person food demo may require additional fees.

The 1.5 hour personalized supermarket tour is designed to help you with weekly planning. We will go over how to easily navigate the aisles and how to quickly select the foods you need using shopping lists. Additionally, you will learn about new products and label reading so you can make the best decisions possible for quick and easy meal planning.

Remove the confusion around how to eat sustainably for life.

Have questions? Reach out and let’s chat about your goals and how I can help you achieve them.

What can you expect to achieve from working with me?


Reclaim the joy of eating so that eating and cooking are no longer a chore but something you actually look forward to each day.


Feel empowered to make peace with food and stop the food obsessions and arbitrary food rules dominating your life so you can make room for more joyful things in your day.


Rediscover your ability to trust your hunger and satiety signals to guide how much, when and what to eat.


Save time and money creating quick and easy sustaining meals without the hassle.


Love food again without the calorie counting and weight gain.


Enjoy feeling the energy and clarity of mind that doesn’t involve diets or food deprivation.


Boost your self esteem knowing you feel great doing this effortlessly every single day!

Your Nutrition counseling will include:


Nutrition planning, strategy and goal setting made easy!


Individualized, motivational nutrition counseling to keep you accountable and on track


Mindful eating strategies that will teach you how you can eat when you’re hungry and stop when satisfied


Tune into your hunger and fullness cues.


Learn how to tackle emotional eating.


Streamline food shopping/meal preparation to save time.


Learn to make the right food combinations to keep you energized all day.


Learn basic cooking techniques, so you can put quick and easy meals on the table you will love and be proud of!


Strategies to improve stress and sleep to help you manage your cravings for sugar and fat


Learn how to incorporate movement into your daily life so you feel empowered to make it a lifelong habit.

Client Praise

“Voula takes the time to understand me and what is important to me. She is patient, realistic, and models how to be radically kind towards myself. Voula helped me understand the mindset shifts I needed to make and focus on the whole person instead of just diet. She also makes me feel like I do not need to give up my cultural foods to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

–Shereen Velupillai

“Voula celebrates gains and helps me gradually make realistic improvements without being too overwhelmed. She is very positive and motivating! Meeting with her helps renew my motivation to take good care of myself. She’s able to carve out about two clear next steps so that meetings aren’t overwhelming. YES! I would definitely recommend working with Voula!”

–Elizabeth Setren

A la Carte Nutrition Services + Package Add-ons

Supermarket Tour


The 1.5 hour personalized supermarket tour is designed to help you with weekly planning. We will go over how to easily navigate the aisles and how to quickly select the foods you need using shopping lists. Additionally, you will learn about new products and label reading so you can make the best decisions possible for quick and easy meal planning.

Regain control of your health and manage your weight peacefully without the diets.

Achieve your highest level of health and well being. You deserve nothing less.