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Break free from the diet mentality and start enjoying life with delicious sustaining food and meals.
It doesn’t have to be hard.

My Non-Diet Approach to Weight Management, More Energy and Stress-Free Eating

I work with busy women who are struggling and frustrated with their weight and the “diet mentality”. I help clients to create and implement a highly personalized approach designed to help them manage their weight without the stress, boost their energy and focus, while dramatically saving them time preparing nourishing and sustaining meals. You deserve nothing less. I invite you to explore the extraordinary transformations that my nutrition coaching will bring to your life.

Weight Management Nutrition

Are you frustrated with your weight and confused about why restrictions like no-carb diets and yo-yo crash diets just won’t work?

Are You…

  • Frustrated with your weight and confused about why your diet always seems to fail you?
  • Feeling low energy throughout the day and not sure why?
  • Too tired to wrap your head around what to feed yourself and your family at the end of a busy day?
  • Craving restaurant grade meals but unsure how to prepare food that tastes good and is quick and easy to make?
  • Eating out to save time and then feeling guilty about your choices?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. I can help.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Nutrition

Are you worried about striking the right balance in your eating, managing energy and your ever changing body during pregnancy and how to recover best during postpartum?

Are You Concerned About…

  • Weight gain during pregnancy and overwhelm with the changes to your body
  • Not knowing which foods you should or shouldn’t eat during pregnancy
  • Gestational diabetes, Anemia or Pregnancy Induced Hypertension diagnosis plaguing you and how to manage these with diet
  • Your postpartum diet while breastfeeding
  • Losing the weight after your delivery

As a mother and registered dietitian, I can put your worries at ease.

VOULA COPY - 5 Steps You Can Take today to Overcome Sugar Cravings

Are you tired of struggling with sugar cravings? You’re not alone!

If you’re ready to overcome the “hangry monster” and boost your energy with simple changes to your diet and easy-to-implement lifestyle tips, this FREE guide is for you!

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VOULA COPY - 5 Steps You Can Take today to Overcome Sugar Cravings

Hi, I’m Voula Manousos!

Registered Dietitian, Busy moM, Certified Foodie

As a busy professional and a mom of two kids, I understand the struggle is real. Keeping track of work, kids and their schedule while struggling to eat sustaining and nutritious meals for the whole family can be a challenge for most.

I have witnessed my friends, family and clients resort to “yo-yo” and “fad diets”, struggle with their weight and become frustrated that they did not possess the “will power” to lose the weight.

Let’s put an end to this madness! I know that every minute in your day counts! I have the tools to help you save time, boost energy, manage weight, alleviate the obsession and stress that revolves around “diets” that just don’t work, and gain back control over your life. You will start to feel at peace with food and within yourself and actually look forward to your meals every single day.

You deserve nothing less. Intrigued? I invite you to explore the extraordinary transformations nutrition coaching will bring to your life. Curious about how I can help you achieve your goals? Let’s chat.

Client Praise

“I now feel like I have gained control of my emotional eating. I feel less bloated and fit into my clothes. Voula is exceptionally gifted at guiding and providing life changing nutritional coaching.”

–Thalia Cocconi

“Voula is a dietitian/nutritionist, therapist, exercise consultant and mindfulness coach all wrapped up in one! I highly recommend her. She has really changed my life!”

–Michelle Xanthopoulos


Start your weight management journey today!

You CAN balance work and eating well. Stop putting yourself last.

Invest in your health and happiness. A healthy, informed you means more energy and time for everything else in your life.

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